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AR & DP also known as LFMG

Best Hand Entertainment Presents:

LFMG La Familia Music Group


Darryl pointer a.k.a “DP” of LFMG, was born December 1, 1990 in Chicago,Illinois. Southside to be exact, the middle child of four DP was into sports at an early age but did not get into music until the passing of his mother around the age of 12. By then, DP and his youngest brother were sent to Michigan and placed in foster care. So many obstacles made “music inviting” says Darryl. At the age of 13 and now living in Detroit, Michigan DP focuses on music and being great at it. At 16 is where he began to take music seriously even forming a group or rappers at a young age. By the age 22 is when DP was introduced to AR of LFMG. And the duo was formed. Dating back to 2014 when they started making music and continue to make great new sound of music today.


My name is Arron Rice. I was born January 11th 1991 on the west side of Detroit, MI. I loved music ever since I can remember and I still do. I started playing the violin in elementary until I was in high school. From the piano to making beats music was everything, including an escape from reality, mine wasn't hell but wasn't the Ritz.

My mom did the best she could after my dad passed away Feb .4th 2000. I took it's toll all of us. Jobs here and there kept me afloat but I always wanted more and I knew this music was my way out of the circumstances that real life has to offer. So far the best thing this world has ever provided me was my son born 2016 .

My reason to push on with every breath

And so I will!

DOE$NUTT My giving name is Demetruis B. Warren I was raised on the north-end of Detroit. My mother was a single parent raising me and my four siblings including my sister my mother adopted due to her father being incarcerated. But anyway I was always into music since I can remember, as a child when I would cry my mother would bring the radio into my room in turn it on and I would stop crying instantly.


Artist: LFMG

Track: Better

Genre/Format: R&B / Pop / Soul / Urban AC

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members


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