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Hearken back to a period in time when that smooth Motown sound delighted the ear. In the golden years, there was a message in the music, as Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, and Stevie Wonder proved, the lyrical content could almost be…spiritual. Like a man born out of his time, this artist delivers music that is heartfelt, spiritual Soul and R&B that evokes comparisons to the greats of Rhythm and Blues that influenced him. Similarly, gifted lyrically, he takes smooth to a new level linking old school flavor with new school vibe.

If the name Parkes Stewart is both familiar and unfamiliar, it’s because he has written songs for other artists such as:

1.” Cry On” for 112 on the tribute to Notorious B.I.G. (over 4 million copies sold)

2.”Open Arms” &”More than Just A Melody” for Yolanda Adams

3.” Ordinary Just Won’t Do” performed by Dave Hollister

4.”I Am Here, No More Loneliness”& “Victory” for Commissioned

Parkes Stewart sings and writes a thrilling combination of spiritual soul and R&B music that seamlessly blends songs of longing, pain, love, and hope. Parkes explains that his objective to be the (“nexus” meaning connection) linking our humanity and spirituality. His intention is to look for the purity in the love relationship between husband and wife, man and brother, and man and God. Parkes music has something for everyone, for people who have experienced divorce, the young person with potential who just needs a helping hand, and for the burdened soul who needs God. For Parkes, it has always been more than music. It is about keeping it real and dealing with issues that are usually swept under the carpet. The music then becomes not just an expression of what he does, but is something he truly is.

Parkes Stewart Discography

The album: Parkes

Love me right *

I can't Imagine *

Cry no more*

To each its own*

Take me higher*

True love *

Spend some time

Start all over

Another Chapter: Ps. 51

He Loves me*

Another chapter

Talk to me *

Psalms 51

All in the name of love

Silent Tears*

Holding on

Got love*

All that I know

I'm not crazy

Heart and Soul (Nexus)

My soul

Help us


This is my Story

Trust Him

My brother


Prayin Man

Brown eyes


Song for you

Comfort and peace


So beautiful

Extraordinary Christmas

Merry Little Christmas

Jingle Bells

Coming Home

Oh Come All Ye Faithful

The First Noel

On and On


K in Kool

Yolanda Adams

More than just a melody

Open Arms


Lord Jesus help me

Victory - Go Tell Somebody

Cry on - Go Tell Somebody

I'm learning - Matters of the Heart

Don't Worry - Will you be ready

Take your burdens - Will you be ready

You can depend - On the winning side

Ordinary just won't do - Ordinary just won't do

No more loneliness - Ordinary just won't do

Hold me - Number 7

I love thinking of U - Number

Look to Jesus - Witness Speak to the generations

Your love lifted me Virtue

I must tell Jesus - Detroit Hymns (Detrick Haddon)

Honor the King Christmas Card Marvin Sapp

God rest ye merry gentleman Christmas Card Marvin Sapp

Can't Stop thinking about you Cloud Nine Everything is Good tonight

Special One Cloud Nine

More than a melody Ashante Can't Stop

Cry On Original sound track for movie BlankMan

Cry On performed by 112 for the Biggie Tribute

Choice to Rejoice Young Artist for Christ Worship 90

I am Here Carman Shakin the House

There is Hope John P. Kee There is Hope

No ordinary Love Dave Hollister Things in the Game Done Changed

Vocals for:

Earl Klugh

Dennis Coffey

Ben Tankard

Deitrick Haddon


John P. Kee


This song just talks about so much we have been dealing with during the pandemic. So many people have their opinion on so many issues from Police Brutality, and people opinion to wear the mask or take the shot. The introspective track, slightly reminiscent of Marvin Gaye's smash hit "What's Going On", has been in heavy rotation on Radio Airplay Network Cleveland affiliate WHTL Urban Radio and has recently entered the Airplay Magazine™ R&B/Soul/Funk Emerging Artist Top 20 "Hot List" . This is one to watch!


Track: Wanna Be Heard

Label: CoPaid Entertainment

Genre/Format: R&B / Pop / Soul / AC

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members


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