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New Record Pool Add! - FRANK PIOMBO


Frank Piombo, Multi Award Winning Contemporary Jazz Guitarist/Composer and International Recording Artist. Member of the Recording Academy. Member of Sound Exchange. Member of the International Singer-Songwriters Association. Inducted in 2020 into the Indie Music Hall of Fame. Nominated in 2019 and 2020 by the “East Coast Music Hall of Fame.”

Frank Piombo was born 1950, and raised in North Africa, to Italians parents; it’s no wonder that music was a constant in Frank’s life. At the tender age of six, Frank’s family would move to Rome (his mother’s birthplace), where he was inspired by the sounds of his father’s music. An avid accordion player, Frank was moved by the romantic tunes produced by his father, and their effects can be heard in Frank’s music even today.

By the time the family immigrated to the United States, at age eight, Frank was inspired by the sounds of the late fifties and early sixties, prompting him to take guitar lessons. But it was the sound of The Beatles that motivated Frank most, and helped the teen to focus more seriously on his music.

By his late teens, Frank was playing gigs at weddings and small venues, eventually graduating to known jazz venues in and around town. Flash forward more than fifty five years, and today Frank Piombo’s portfolio is an impressive one. Appearing as lead guitarist and vocalist alongside Sidewalk Symphony, The Fantasy Band, Stepping Out, The New Prince Band, US & Co, the original Infernos; and sharing the stage with the likes of The Duprees, The Mello Kings, Vito and the Salutations, and Vito and the Elegants, Frank has proved to be much more than a jazz guitarist.

In addition to touring the New York Metropolitan Area, where he has built a solid fan base, Frank has also shared the stage with various European artists, such as “I Nuovi Angeli” and the “Formula Tre.” His music is now heard throughout North America, and several other continents, including: Africa, Australia, Europe, and South America.


  • “Smooth Reminiscence”

  • “Sleepwalk“

  • “The Night Speaks - A Smooth Jazz Journey “

  • “Keep It Movin’”

  • “Family Concept”

  • Bongo Boy Records – “Volume XV” (Al Dente) by Various Artists

  • Bongo Boy Records – “The 60th FYC” (Keep It Movin’) by Various Artists

  • Bongo Boy Records – “Love Songs” (Our Love) by Various Artists

  • Buddah - Drinks – “Our Love” by Various Artists

  • Smooth Jazz Time Compilation, Vol. 1 (Our Love) by Various Artists

Frank Piombo was accepted on the popular digital radio station Pandora and iHeart Radio where he now boasts his own stations.

Frank had two of his original compositions “Rush Hour Funk,” and “Keep It Movin’” placed on the 2018, 60th FYC, Grammy Voting Ballot.

My 2020 single “Luv Dat Smooth Latte” (Nicos Theme) of the “Family Concept” EP made it to the Indie, Top 100 Chart, four weeks in a row.


  • Peavey Electronics

  • D'Angelico Guitars

  • GHS Strings

  • Hotone Audio Pedals

  • Steve Clayton USA Picks

  • Guild Guitars

  • Samick - Greg Bennett Design Guitars


  • Akademia Music Awards

  • Indie Music Channel Awards

  • Indie Music Radio Awards

  • Global Music Awards

  • Clouzine International Music Awards

  • International Singers and Songwriters Association Awards

  • World Songwriting Awards

  • V.I.P.S Entertainer of the Year Award

All of Frank Piombo's music is available at: cdbaby, Amazonmp3, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and other streaming sites. His music is a combination of Straight- Ahead Jazz, Latin Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Jazz Funk, R&B, and Easy Listening Vocals.



Track: Love Dat Smooth Latte featuring Donnie Harrell (Radio Edit)

Genre/Format: Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Adult Contemporary

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members

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