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Hard working’ Man of Music

London base: Former 5 times kickboxing world champion turned singer/songwriter Jacko is fast becoming the hardest working man in the music industry. The rising music star will follow up his first two releases "Give My Love A Brand New Name" and "You Are The Reason" with brand new song "Working Man", which has been produced from the heart of Nashville in America by renowned musician The Yosh Man.

Working Man is a rock song about hardworking guys who get inspired by the ones they love to go that extra mile. The brand new track once again sees London based Jacko tackling a different subject and has an irresistible hook along with an eye-catching music video, set to air globally. “Women make us the men who we are and this song celebrates that. It’s about guys who will go that extra mile for the woman they love. It is a song that guys will relate to and one that hopefully makes the ladies appreciate their men more, and perhaps let them know good guys are out there, and I promise the hook will get stuck in your head,” said Jacko.

Working Man is taken from the singer/songwriter’s new album Love Rocks, which releases in November. The past 12 months have seen musicians from around the world work on the 14-track album, which has commercial songs loaded with emotions everyone will relate to.

The new single release and soon to be released album cap off a remarkable 12 months for the former fighter, who is now establishing himself as singer, songwriter and musician to be reckoned with.

He has music deals in place internationally, continues to collaborate with big names from around the world and has built a state of the art recording studio in the heart of London. “Everyone has major turning points in their lives and pursuing music at the end of 2015 was mine. Music has opened up a whole new world for me and enabled me to express what I am feeling inside. Working with great musicians and songwriters has enabled me to put shape to my ideas, and release them into the world. I am looking forward to sharing more songs and music videos with everyone,” said Jacko.

For further information, interviews with Jacko and high quality photos contact: Bianca M Tel: 07950449229

Artist: Jacko Track: "Working Man"

Genre: Rock, Adult Contemporary, Pop

The MP3 is now available for immediate download by pool members

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