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Artist Spotlight

Elite Star feat Etcetera

Legendary Elite Star Productions are blazing the streets with another hot single "Addicted To The Hustle". The record features the angelic sounds of R&B singer King John who is also a part of the Elite Star Productions empire. King John has multiple R&B singles including his hit single "Do Not Disturb" currently heating up the airwaves. Elite Star Productions has gained fans around the world and have been working with some of the best artist and producers in the game!

The "Addicted To The Hustle" video debut spun interest on social media and has been featured on internet blog sites such as lndieHipHop, UndergroundHipHopRadio and more. "There are no shortcuts to success"- Suav'e "Addicted llc The Hustle" now takes you on a journey from the Dirty South to the East Coast with the official REMIX version featuring Award Winning recording artist Etcetera, solidifying Elite Star's nationwide appeal.

The single gives the audience a sound that's catchy, creative, and soothing to the soul. lt continues to receive notoriety and highly favored responses from DJ's and listeners all around, and it also showed to be a crowdpleaser during the first live performance of the single at the "Gateway To Legends" Showcase in Dallas Texas. Elite Star Productions are a distinctive independent brand. They not only create their own music but recording artist and producer Suav'e is the Founder and CEO of the label. Suav'e constantly raises the bar and continues to make timeless music with the original artist of Elite Star Productions including recording artist Mike Dubb, Boi B, Cheddar, King John and more.

Elite Star Productions gives their audience an experience like no other tailor made for their listening and viewing pleasure. They not only create original, quality, feel-good music and videos, they also are a representation of music independence.

Media Contact:

Suav'e Jenkins

Telephone: 214-395-3868

"Addicted To The Hustle" Remix Featuring King John & Etcetera

Artist: Elite Star feat Etcetera

Song Title: Addicted To The Hustle

Label: Worldwide Music Group

Genre: Hip Hop, Rap, R&B


Artist Video

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