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There's a buzz coming out of Jackson, Tennessee about this new rapper FAST LANE COLEY who is coming up in music scene. Judging by all the positive feedback from a lot of people in the rap industry this young impresario of rap will be around for a long time. FAST LANE COLEY has experienced a lot in his life and it shows in his music. He deals with a lot of the topics that young people deal with these days so we are sure that his music will always be entertaining and exciting.

Armed with a repertoire of topics, his music range from club bangers to hard hitting life issues. Now there are some moments in his music where his emotions takes over and you really see what he has been dealing with in his life. This young man has endured his share of life ups and downs. A lot of the things that he has had to deal with early on such as the death of his mother when he was only 13. Also dealing with the fact that his father was not in his life until the age of 21.They have since been reunited and this has been a blessing in disguise .

Early on in his life, COLEY would have fell victim to the rough streets that confront so many of our young men and women if not for his loving Grandmother, Mrs. Lou Vester Spivey Jackson who was a strong disciplinarian and a hard worker. She took COLEY and his two siblings in and raised them to be strong positive minded individuals. This is where you can see that passion in his music which reflects not only what Mrs. Spivey Jackson taught him but what he has experienced in his life .He talks about all the things that he has experienced in his life such as gang life, drug selling ,heart ache and fake ass rappers just to name a few. He's a father of four talented kids his oldest Keymon is a young star in the making in basketball.

Then there is his three daughters Courtney, Jayla ,Addisyn, Courtlynn his baby. Courtney seems to be following in his footsteps in the entertainment field. Seeing that he has been BLESSED with such talented kids he encourages them to go out and be successful in life. Music wasn't his first choice in life it was sports and he was good at it but he got caught up in street life and got side tracked. COLEY starred at Jackson Northside High in football and baseball. He attended Dyersburg State on a baseball scholarship where he played for one year. He transferred to Lane College, where his mother and father had met and started dating. His father was a football player there.

So you see that FAST LANE COLEY has been through a lot in his life and it reflects in his music. COLEY is nothing short of spectacular, a little debonair with a touch of spice and his music will be on and popping for a long time to come.

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Artist: Fast Lane Coley

Track: Fast Life

Genre: Rap, Hip Hop

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members

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