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Jeremy also is known as Youngin left Atlanta Ga.He came to South Carolina to visit his brother and stop by Quantum Beats recording studio in Columbia SC. and that's where it is all started his music career. Youngin learned at an early age that he wanted to rap. This made him want to rap also and perfect his craft. In the 9th grade, he began to write and create music His rap beginning to take off.

The Marietta-native known as the Original Playboy is one of the these, Lately is focus is to stay out of trouble as he has been in the Street Life and had some problems with the law. Fighting for his life a few years ago from suffering from a gun shot and taking time to heal. Youngin is back The Lady's Man has been having fans requesting his hit song "Everytime". on a mainstream Radio station, online Station and college stations.

He is also inspired by artists who understand what it’s like to make something out of nothing, such as 2pac and Too Short. Youngin, discovered by Serious Music Group, a South Caroline-based independent record label, recognized that "Youngin" signifies young men on the grind representing their love for music.

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Artist: ​Youngin Song Title: I Like To Stunt Genre: Hip-Hop, Rap, Urban

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