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Johnathan Hawkins, better known as Kilevrah Cash, is an American Hip Hop artist from Kankakee, Illinois. He started writing music at age nine being influenced by the music his parents played. That consisted of artists such as Wu Tang, 2pac, Nas, Maxwell, and a variety of others. He has performed across the country in cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Tempe, Gilbert, Phoenix, Memphis, Kankakee, as well as Chicago. Currently has his own publishing company entitled Bad Dogg Clic industries.

Releasing his most recent projects, Business As Usual Vol 1: The Come Up and Ghetto Boy, under the company. Born April 30th, Kilevrah Cash started his musical journey at age 9. He use to read the booklets that came inside the albums his mother would buy. Thats where he learned the difference between hooks, verses, and bridges. He then began to write his own songs to other songs that he heard and played. With no access to instrumentals he learned to tune out the words to songs and write to it. At age 16 he met another up and coming rapper named Dino G. After rapping something for Dino G he was put in the studio immediately. That's where he learned voice infliction, overdubs, and ad-libs.

Roughly about 5 years later he linked up with a group of up and coming artists from his hometown and they formed the group K3 Illaboyz. That's when he started performing in front of audiences. He developed his publishing company, Bad Dogg Clic industries, in 2009 releasing his first mixtape entitled "American Nightmare". He would then go on to release other projects under the company as well. Including his most recent projects "Business As Usual vol. 1: The Come Up" (mixtape) and "Ghetto Boy" (LP). Performing across the nation he has begun to build not only his buzz but his brand as well. The new single "Puttin Time In" has been added to the regular rotation on the Radio Airplay Network affillate WHTL 95.2 FM Tha Land.



Song Title: Puttin Time In (ASCAP)

Publisher: Bad Dogg Clic industries.

Producer: SCOTTIE B

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members


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