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Kenny God MC

I am Artist Known As Kenny; God MC in the flesh; Billionaire live direct and forever. I enjoy music of any kind however, I only record rap, rnb, dancehall or pop. This is because I can but I am opened to anything. Currently on a small label within a small community sponsored by Bill Gates. The intention is to look at music a bit more seriously however it cannot be work as I only do it for my freedom. Must make me happy like many other things or it cannot be money. I grew up for part of my life in the Island of Barbados, Boston Massachusetts and spent some time in San Diego CA.

Music started for me at home as a kid in the community listening to any popular music played on stations or aired on television. I had a keyboard so I tried to learn and play any music I heard, especially gospel music as I had to go to church. Trying to learn to read music became a challenge and I never got that done as I was growing up; everything was done by ear. Tried several classes, joined our school band and played euphonium but stopped as time went on due to the incapability of reading sheet music and playing at the same time. Went on from there to experiment with beats and mostly singing the music popular with my community at that point which was rap, dancehall, and rnb. It stuck as I now record only those genres until something else captures my mind. I stop playing instruments for years or trying to learn them and mostly just perform my own music.

My biggest influence basically is any thing that sounds good to me and that is unique meaning it DOES NOT FOLLOW A BOOK DEFINITION of music. Any artist that is free and creates music that does not follow the format catches my attention. My favorite musician is the Artist known as Kenny as I now try to follow myself and I also listen to a musician local to me known Big Step due to the fact I know him personally and I can get a verse.

The main inspirations for the lyrics I write is life and any situation a majority can relate to. My dream venue to perform would be Staples Center.

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Artist: Kenny God MC

Track: Billionairs Mindset

Genre: Rap, Hip Hop, Urban

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members

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