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The debut single “Rather” from Philadelphia music artist and entrepreneur Lou Anthony is hitting airways and all mainstream platforms May 11th 2019, and it may be everything the world of hip-hop has been missing.

Anthony, the owner of record label and publishing company The Ludlow Sounds and The Ludlow Authorships, is well known for his superb intellectual-to-lyrical capacity, conscious and witty song concepts, and his endearing microphone presence. A consistent voice against Afro-American oppression, Anthony’s music is, one hundred percent of the time, filled with substance.

“None of my songs are just songs,” said Anthony. “They’re teachings; literature. I’ve always been conscious, I’ve always been knowing, and I’ve always displayed that in my music.”

Rather is a trunk-knocking, club-ringing record with tons of blatant symbolism, signs, and warnings that many people may overlook.

“Just ‘cause the beat is a banger, that doesn’t mean I have to rap about bulls***, ” said Anthony. “The song is about a desire for knowledge and community enlightenment, but with a natural disinterest in materialism. Like I said, my music is a teaching; it’s my platform to enlighten.”

Anthony continued,

“If I’m trying to teach something to a generation of people who only relate to messages sent over dumping a**, head-bopping a** beats, what you think I’m gonna do? Replace it with some real s***; my s***; and then I’d be doing my part.”

An independent artist and businessman from the streets of West Philadelphia, Anthony feels one of his spiritual duties is “to speak life into the world.” Experiences from growing up in the hood, along with the national oppression of the Afro-American community, have molded what he says is now his musical purpose:

“Y’all rap about that, I seen it,” he said about the crime and destruction back home. “I lived in it, I breathed in it, everyday. The s*** I seen, felt, heard!?” He exclaimed, “Rap about and glorify what? That!? Boy, it get dark in the hood,” he said. “How you from there and then promoting the very reason you wanted to leave? That’s a black man supporting slavery.”

Anthony teamed up with fellow Philadelphia musician Logic da Beatman, who produced the song’s instrumental. Anthony is the song’s mix and master engineer, and the cover art designer along with artists Natalia Hubbert and Rahmon.

His debut studio album SELF: Something Everyone Looks For is scheduled to be released in summer 2019.



Track: Rather (BMI)

Writers: Lou Anthony (Greg Suggs) & Logic da Beatman (Andrew Wallace)

Label: The Ludlow Sounds, LLC

Publisher: The Ludlow Authorships

Release Date: May 11, 2019

Genre/Format: Hip Hop/ Rap

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members

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