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222 was formed in the summer of 2014 when friends Jade Howard and Dennis Hamlin after hanging out at a party one night decided to record a song for fun. The result of that night was the song “One Night Stand” and would go on to be their first release later that year. On 2/22/15 they self released their first album “Libretto”. 222 delivers their own power packed take on dance rock via a mixture of pop punk 80s/90s influenced rock mixed with current electronic influences.

Respected music publications Pure, Vent Magazine, Access Music, Blurred Culture, and have all highlighted the unique sound and songwriting talents of 222. Their high energy live shows have built a strong following across the U.S. via a string of well attended club dates. The bandʼs growing popularity is also due to airplay on influencer radio stations such as KROQ in Los Angeles. I’M NOT TRYING TO BE YOU… is the follow-up to 222’s debut album 2015’s Libretto. That album’s first single “One Night Stand” earned them airplay on Los Angeles tastemaker radio station KROQ, among other radio outlets.

Their provocative self produced videos are vivid mini movies and can be seen along with a host of energetic live videos on 222’s YouTube channel (222BAND). 222 produced, and arranged all songs on I’M NOT TRYING TO BE YOU… as they did on their debut album Libretto, recording them both in their home studio. “Jade and I have extremely similar taste which makes it a very simple, easy process,” says Dennis. “I write, arrange, and play all the instruments along with Jade on guitar and then we go through everything till we both agree its what we want. Jade and I have been friends for a long time so we know each other very well. Live, we are just as picky about our band and have found some amazing, entertaining, musicians to help us bring to life this music. Because of that when we all add our own personalities into the live aspect, it only gets better.”

The prolific songwriting team of Jade and Dennis draw their musical inspiration from books, movies, art and life experiences. On the new album, they dive deeper into song concepts while keeping the emotional element sourced from personal places. “Our life experiences definitely play a big part in our songs,” says Dennis, “Even on the more extreme ideas, there is usually some sort of home ground from which their based.” With the release of "Sky People" on 2/22/19 the excitement builds for their long awaited LP "Transitioning" due out later this summer.

Artist: 222

Track: I’m Not Trying to be You

Songwriters: Jade Howard, Dennis Hamlin

Genre/Format: Pop, Rock, EDM, Dark Wave

The MP3 is now available for download by pool member


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