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Projekt Horizon

«Projekt Horizon» are no newcomers. The «project» consists of two experienced and divers musicians who have been working together since 14 years: Andri Arpagaus and Lou Zarra. And they rock! The Band was founded in 2005 by singer and guitarist Andri Arpagaus. Though many musicians teamed up with him and hit producer Lou Zarra (Loco Escrito, Breitbild) over the years, oftentimes only the two of them remained. «We were fed up with all the whoring and unreliability of our fellow musicians», Arpagaus closes the chapter. So they made a landmark decision. Henceforth, cut down to a duo, they have been working on new material since 2017. With a distinct division of labor they regained motivation and drive, two cornerstones of their upcoming album. «Let the show begin!» The first single «Rockstar» features straightforward Riffs and belling announcements and is also the last track on the album which places itself somewhere between Blues, Rock and Rap. Since Lou Zarra is a Swiss Music Award winner he can sing about a rock-star's lifestyle quite confidently. «Projekt Horizon» are back with their first single in years. So Switzerland, are you ready for the «Rockstars»?


Artist: Projekt Horizon

Track: Time is Running Out

Genre/Format: Rock, Hip Hop

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members


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