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Since his first breath in this world, Channing Von Taylor, a.k.a. Von-T, has had an ambition to achieve whatever he aspires to and dominate everything he attempts. Now on the path of becoming a respected musical artist, no one who knows him doubts his capabilities. He is a phenomenon who, at a relatively young age, has already been an Army Officer, a military combat instructor, Iraq War veteran, excelled at high school and college wrestling and football, and won acting, rap, step show and modeling agency talent contests.

So it is that on October 17, 2017, Von-T established his own Music Label called Symbiotic Music Group (SMG), and with his unique sound, he is revealing a new alter ego style branding of music. He states that his music is able to add flavor and unique style to any genre of music. That’s the symbioses, the driving force, of his musical skill.

His label, Symbiotic Music, celebrates the fact that there are two sides to everyone – the business side and the beast mode. For Von-T, the symbioses is a direct reflection of the beast inside that is needed to get things accomplished when your human physical form can go no further. Your inner beast should be able to think and operate at a higher level than your normal self and be able to cut any and everything off that is about the accomplishment of your goals. You are the host, the symbiote is the attached, and it can accomplish your goals only through you. It is living because of you and therefore it must ensure that you are able to operate BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY. Feed the symbiote, and you will always succeed.

Always preparing himself 1000-fold for every task in order to guarantee success, Von-T brings to the music world a huge connection to the streets, a vast and loyal set of friends of the city of Columbus, Georgia. This is his hometown, and an educational background he has nurtured to understand and express the whole concept of street smarts and book smarts in ways no other artist has ever done before.

His first single “The Plug,” which talks about how even though not labeled a traditional drug dealer he stays closely connected to the streets providing things that people need to be successful. The next single released in 2018 “Brands,” is a song that cleverly ties his singing abilities and rapping skills together as one sound to give recognition to many designer brands and other artists like Migos “Versace” and Lil Pumps “Gucci Gang.” Since then he has dropped Turn off the Lights or TOTL as this is widely popular name it has developed, which has been the single that really sky rocketed his career.

The video to TOTL is currently sitting over a million views on WorldStar Hip-Hop and then was followed up by the video to Brands, which also hit WorldStar. This set the motion for many other singles that he has released within these short two years. Every single produced so far is part of the Album “The Tables Have Turned” set to release at the end of 2019. Every single that dropped has been a hit with music fans around the world. Von-T did not start off as a local artist so this enabled him to rise fairly quickly, resulting in him establishing his own Pandora station, IHeart station, and verified on YouTube recognized as a global recording artist.

The unique thing about Von-T unlike any other artist out is the mystery of his helmet, which no one seems to be able to pin down the origin of it since it appears the story behind it always changes. He also has featured on the Cardiff Brothers single On My Mind, and has singles with notable artist such as Ikkor “The Wolf”, Roscoe Dash, and Chris Brown coming next year. He has already made it to showcases as big as the 2019 BET awards in California.

Attending American Intercontinental University (AIU) out of Atlanta, GA, to study criminal justice, and later graduating from Columbus State University, his purpose was to understand law in order that he could educate the streets and his neighborhood on how to avoid being a statistic. Von-T identifies himself with KOVU 1278. Kovu is the deuteragonist of the 1998 movie The Lion King II whose violent tendencies are reinforced by a knack for taking care of himself, as he is physically fit and an able hunter, two features that make way for his more arrogant and cocky side.

Von-T grew up with his crew of individuals who referred to themselves as the Kovus – aggressive, crude, and often looked at by law enforcement as the criminal, but although not criminals, they operate on the brink of breaking laws to accomplish goals, understanding the laws enough to educate the streets. He states, “Don’t judge credibility off how many times someone got caught, because it’s the best that ever did it you’ll never hear or read about”. “1278” simply represents that out of 24 hours in a day, 12 are dedicated to grinding, while the other 12 are for sleep; “7” represents the seven days in a week, and “8” represents all eight eyes of the spider, open and operating at all times.

Intentionally unlike the approach of so many other prominent figures who became champions in their neighborhoods by becoming glorified rebels,

Von-T is on a mission not to rebel but to empower and exemplify the power of the game, but not through sheer force and ignorance, but through dogged determination and preparation. His toughness and sharpness comes not just from a military background of many years but also from his connection to the streets and never-ceasing work on his music to give people and his fans something fully genuine, from the heart, and music you can feel.

As his career grows, he appears to have no set agenda other than to see how unpredictable he can be before his time is up on earth. He states “We are all only here for a snapshot in time, I just want to be the one who breaks the lens”. Although currently unsigned, he will be discovered through his own tireless efforts as he presents a message that is as bright as the sun that cannot be missed. No matter what, everywhere you see him, and the world will soon be chanting KOVU 1278.










Symbiotic Music Group (SMG)

Affiliation: KOVU1278

Cell Phone: 706-366-2805


Artist: Von - T

Track: ENUFF

Genre/Format: Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, Urban

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members

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