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Bringing stimulation of the mind to the fellas; being inspirational eye candy for the ladies while delivering concrete messages to people of all backgrounds & creeds, his witty sound & word play brings us to know of brick city bred, Sir Rizzy Royale ( Formally known as J Royale ).

Through refining his gift of poetry since childhood, the turned lyricist led to being a ball of fire that has yet to burn. We can’t deny yet the breath of fresh air he brings to the ears of all ages. His dimensional choice of production behind his dynamic delivery subconsciously places you into an element of phenomenal energy enlightening to the heart & soul moving masses.

Known for collaborations with Cosigned by G-Unit's own renowned Producer and DJ, “WHOO KID” hosted Royale’s nationwide distributed mix tape “Propane Poetry” With messages that go this deep, whether it’s songs about a broken heart, bopping your head or raising the “higher you” it’s no wonder Sir Rizzy Royale ( Formally known as J Royale ) is supported by many and is surly headed on the path to stardom.

Artist: Sir Rizzy Royale

Track: Dip It

Genre/Format: Rap / HipHop

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members


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