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K-TONE was born in Flatbush Brooklyn, NY. As a child growing up in the streets of Brooklyn K-TONE spent most of his time in various recording studios with his father, who was a song writer. K-TONE developed his passion for music from an early age due to him constantly being around musicians, producers, & engineers.

K-Tone is known for his ability to cunningly deliver stories with insight & his vast vocabulary. He is known as a trendsetter among his friends. He is equipped with the required traits to become a true superstar in every aspect. After being featured on several showcase locally & nationally. K-TONE has vowed to make a change and deliver a positive message in his music, in an effort to open the eyes of today’s youth so they won’t end up down the wrong path.

K-TONE has developed a buzz in his Brooklyn community, with his first single "Take You There" featuring global music group recording artist Ray Lavender and movie actor Lil Zane, which has given him an opportunity for local and national exposure. He has opened and closed shows dynamically for Nicki Minaj, Busta Rymes, Ron Brownz, Rick Ross and Jada Kiss, just to name a few. He is truly a force to be reckoned with and promises his brand will have an emotional attachment to everything that u purchase and things that you do that's interesting to you.


TWITTER: @ktone718

INSTAGRAM: @ktone_


Artist: K - TONE

Track: Big Smoke ( Radio Edit)

Track: Big Smoke ( Short Version)

Track: Big Smoke (Instrumental)

Genre/Format: Hip Hop / Rap / Urban

The MP3 is now available for download by pool members

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