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One day, it was decided that dub step needed to express its insane, danceable, funkable, thrashable alter ego." Welcome to OnPlanetZu, an original and self-contained entity where creativity manifests itself in the form of rhythm, sound, and performance.

OnPlanetZu are an anomaly, whose music crosses into a genre-confused electronic hip-hop, reggae, rock, you-name-it maelstrom of bass, beat and energy. Their original, self-created sounds and 'no pre-recorded samples' approach to songwriting presents a fun, fresh high-energy blast compared to the follow-suit trend in today's music.

Songs contain an element of unpredictability-changing flow at any given turn. OnPlanetZu's debut single "Speakers" hit Earth with force, reaching Song of the Month (April, 2015) by Akademia Music Awards, topping the charts at #1 on the Power FM Global Radio Network (Nov, 2015), earning them award and recognition at The Akademia Music Awards red carpet gala (April 2016).

Heavily bass-infused, "Fyah For You" was next named Song of the Month (May 2015). Both tracks have feature videos on YouTube and are included in the 2014 debut album "Adventures of Yo Mama,” which has received wide radio appeal and captured the attention of some respectable names in the music scene.

OnPlanetZu released their second album, “King of the Planet,” through Cleopatra's Hypnotic Records, mastered by dubstep artist Blackburner, in summer of 2015. The new album defiantly builds upon OPZ’s electronic deliverance of bass and beat. Zu Tha Greatone, singer/songwriter for LA bands,'OnPlanetZu' and 'Bazerk' joins forces with producer, Cori Jacobs (DJ Fader) to inspire an original and heavy new approach to electronic music. With over a decade of history in the music industry, the members of OnPlanetZu have an almost seamless way of working together. Jacobs’ affinity for OnPlanetZu has added a vital element of cohesiveness between the music in Zu's head and the outcome of the recorded track.

Live shows consistently energize the crowd, drawing people to the dance floor. OnPlanetZu performances can be Zu- as a solo artist- proving his gift at entertainment. or he might recruit any number of musicians and artists to join him, creating a very full sound onstage. Either way, OPZ never fails to deliver. MEDIA:


Artist: OnPlanetZU Track: "Adjust Your Meters" (BMI)

Genre: Hip Hop, Metal, Rock

The MP3 is now available for immediate download by pool members

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